Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs

In the Estate, there are six natural hot springs that stream near or in Marmaras river.

The volume of the thermal water flow from all six springs is approximately 275 m3/h.

The primary spring is lying in marl limestones not far from tectonic contact with granites, and thermal water is characterized Νa-Ca-HCO3-CΙ type with temperatures of 37 - 42°C.

The hot water is therapeutic and thermometallic, mesothermic (Castany, 1963), alkaline (Thurner, 1967), slightly acidic (average pH 6.6), carbonated (CO2 > 100 mg/kg), slightly arsenic (As>0.7 mg/kg) and Normal in terms of radioactive elements of the water (Average Bq/I 0.45).

The main spring was licensed in December 2014 as thermal spring. The decision was published in the Government Gazette through law 3634/2014 and specifies the chemical analysis of the water, the thermal water flow and the indications for treatment, namely musculoskeletal system, neurological ailments, ailments of the peripheral nerves, skin and gynaecological ailments.


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